How to take a great photo


Tips for taking good photos:


Get Closer


Mover closer to your subject! Use the zoom lens to get closer.


How to take a great photo - close up image 1

How to take a great photo - close up image 2


For really close-up shots use Macro Mode. Manual Focus Image




IMPORTANT! When taking close-ups of people and animals, make sure you turn off the FLASH! Flash Image.jpg






Think composition. Try not to centre your main subject. Apply the Rule of Thirds.









Think vertical. Take “portrait” (vs. landscape) type photos for vertical-based subjects (people, trees, flowers, etc.).


How to take a great photo - Orientation example 1

How to take a great photo - Orientation example 2





Working with lighting. The best quality photos are taken outdoors. If you have to take a photo indoors, remember that your flash is only good up to 10 feet distance.



People and Pets


Photographing people. Once again, move closer to people when taking their photo. People doing activities make good photos. For portraits, “head and shoulder” shots are the best (crop the feet out).

For creative photos, try photographing above or below your subject. Get on your hands and knees, typically not at “eye-level,” for those award winning shots.


When photographing animals, look your subject in the eyes. (Compare the meerkat images below)


compare meerkat 1



compare meerkat 2


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